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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Bucket List For 2015: Hyderabad Among World's Must-See Places, National Geographic Traveler

In the news:
Hyderabad is the second best place in the world that one should see in 2015, according to an international travel publication.
The Presidio of San Francisco in the US ranked first on the "Best of the World - 20 Places You Should See in 2015" list, published in the annual guide of 'Traveler' magazine of National Geographic.
In the December 2014-January 2015 issue, periodical ranked India's Hyderabad at second position on the list, which included cities Zermatt in Switzerland, National Mall in Washington D.C, Corsica, Choquequirao in Peru, Sark in Channel Islands, Koyasan in Japan, Oklahoma City, and Maramures in Romania.
“Stories of Hyderabad’s poetic past weave amid strings of programming code in this South Eastern India city that was home to one of the richest men in the world, Mir Osman Ali Khan, the last ruling nizam of Hyderabad,” the periodical said.

It goes on to talk about how Hyderabad has now become a seedbed for many global IT brands, the opulent Taj Falaknuma Palace, Irani cafes, fifth generation pearl merchants and other attractions. Continue reading: Hyderabad 2nd best place in world one should see in 2015: Magazine  [

See also on the same series of National Geographic: I Heart My City: Sharada’s Hyderabad

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Hyderabad special: Osmania biscuits after Biryani, haleem

November 21,2014, 01.24 PM  IST | | THE HANS INDIA

The biscuit is made of maida mixed with sugar, salt, milk powder, ghee, baking powder, and other ingredients.
"We don't compromise on quality and supply the biscuits hot and fresh," Obaid Bin Aboos of Nimrah Bakery and Cafe told IANS, adding that he had maintained the same quality and taste for 23 years.
Traders also buy Osmania from Nimrah for their business in various parts of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

By Mohammed Shafeeq --
(Mohammed Shafeeq can be contacted at

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Hyderabadi Website of the month: How Well Do You Know Hyderabad? by Quizified India

About the Website :  Quizified India
1. Ease of access  
·         Pros:  Quick load of graphics

·         Cons: None.
2. Content 
·                Pros:  Detailed

·         Cons: None.
3. Currency
·         Pros:  None

·         Cons: All sections/pages need a date (last updated)
4. Design  
·               Pros:  Excellent
·               Cons: None.
5. Navigation 
·              Pros:  Easy

·        Cons: None
6. Miscellaneous

·             Age/Grade Appropriateness: Excellent. Curriculum Connection: Excellent;

Overview : 4 star- The website is user-friendly.

How Well Do You Know Hyderabad?

The Nizam's built this city with great passion and pride. How well do you know the Cyber City?
START QUIZ, Click at Start (The replies are displayed in the result page, in the end. Scroll to bottom and see.)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Google, Amazon, HSBC To Go Ahead With Expansion Plans In Hyderabad, Deccan Herald

HYDERABAD: Internet services company Google, global e-commerce major Amazon, global banking giant HSBC and others have decided to go ahead their expansion plans, which were stuck due to political uncertainty and issues relating to land allotment in Hyderabad.

With the formation of Telangana state ending the political uncertainty and the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) government keen to create investment-friendly atmosphere, the big firms have started working out their plans.

Information Technology Minister K. Tarakarama Rao Tuesday said the problems relating to allotment of land for Google would be sorted out soon. continue reading

Monday, September 8, 2014

Hyderabadi Website of the month: Osmania University Center For International Programs (OUCIP), Hyderabad

OUCIP: Conceived primarily as the international face of Osmania University, OUCIP came into existence in September 2006 after the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, handed over the management and administration of the American Studies Research Center (ASRC) to Osmania University. It is housed in the building complex of the ASRC and has inherited its academic and infrastructural strengths. However, OUCIP has broadened its scope and added new fields of study from humanities and social studies to American Studies." ACAS: "A UGC-funded research centre, ACAS promotes quality research in the field of American Studies. Established during XI Plan Period by the University Grants Commission (UGC) of India at Osmania University Centre for International Programmes (OUCIP), ACAS promotes inter/multi disciplinary research in the broad field of American Studies." (Source)

1. Ease of access
  • Pros:  Quick load of graphics
  • Cons: Library page is not loading.
2. Content
  • Pros:  Detailed
  • Cons: Needs a better site navigation; Hacked label/tag to be removed.
3. Currency
  • Pros:  None
  • Cons: All sections/pages need a date (to show last updated)
4. Design 
  • Pros:  Over all OK
  • Cons: None.

5. Navigation
  • Pros:  Easy
  • Cons: None

6. Miscellaneous
  • Seo Perfomance:

7. Overview : 3 star- The website is okay. Needs some major changes.

Media coverage + On the same shelf:

Monday, August 4, 2014

Hyderabadi Website of the month: U.S. Consulate General Hyderabad, India

1. Ease of access

  • Pros: Quick load of graphics
  • Cons: None.
2. Content
  • Pros: Accurate. Sufficiently covered
  • Cons: Needs a better site navigation
3. Currency
  • Pros: News section is fairly recent
  • Cons: All sections/pages need a date (to show last updated)
4. Design 
  • Pros: Over all OK
  • Cons: Needs reducing clutter like look-and-feel

5. Navigation
  • Pros: Overall easy
  • Cons: Confuses the first time visitor

6. Miscellaneous
7. Overview : 3 star- The website is okay. Needs some major changes.

8. User comments at Facebook:

(FB comment officially last updated : July 7, 2010
  • Kris Kishan Top Ten Web Picks : One of the best and must must visit
  • Rampras Vm yes!! have been observing for past a week!! Just one small mis-link., the 'back' is not working when we check the 221g status.,
    except that its wonderful!!
    it leads to page cannot be displayed:
    ...See More
  • Bhaskar Teegela Having its location in Hyderbad, among the Telugu community, may be the website can contain details on Telugu emigration - like in form of an article or something to give where Telugus migrate, statistics etc.
  • Kaali Sudheer it can be improved .... photos size is too large and irrelevant to Hyderabad and it should be more city specific ...foot ball and American Entertainment are non issues on the website...
  • Magbool Shareef In Visas to the U.S. > Apply for a Visa , if we click on Photograph (in line 1) or passport size photograph in the checklist it is redirecting to the travel.state website where the page is moved to other location. Kindly fix it.

    Also in the checklist it is mentioned as "passport size photograph". In India passport size means 35mm X 45mm where US specification is 50mm X 50mm. It is contradictory

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