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Thursday, December 21, 2006

gar firdaus bar ru-e-zameen ast......

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wasn't it it Emperor Jahangir who said that Kashmir was a paradise on earth--'gar firdaus bar ru-e-zameeN ast.....'
ek aisa Hyderabad bhi hua karta thha. A hyderabad where 'sukoon' was a catch-all, a word that captured the essence of Hyderabadi life. As Maqdoom tells us--
yahiiN ki thhi mohabbat ke sabaq ki ibtida maine
yahiiN ki jurrat-e-izhaar-e-Harf-e-mudda'a maine
yahiiN dekhe thhe ashwe naaz-o-andaaz-e-Hayaa maine
yahiiN pehle sni thhi dil dhhaDakne ki sadaa maine

yahiiN khetoN meiN paani ke kinaare yaad hai ab bhi'

The Hyderabad that I grew up in, in the innocent sixties (elders say that the city had lost its old world charm by then), had next to nothing beyond Mehdipatnam and Malakpet in two different directions and half a dozen cars or so to a neighbourhood,as many as one finds in one garage today. The hyderabad I live is another city in itself--
na ab woh khet baaqi haiN, na woh aab-e-rawaaN baaqi
magar us aish-e-rafta ka hai ik dhhundhla nishaaN baaqi'
There's much more to say and share, but I'll save it for another day.
more on this and other subjects later. hope taher will excuse me for this rambling, discursive bit of 'bakwaas'. 'kuch na samjhe Khuda karay koi'.


Hyderabadiz said...

Aaab wo dana dhoondte hain...
ek ekela Saty is shahar mein......

Han janab --Sir Syed ko Maulana Hali ne jo kaha tha, woh to apni jagah hai, nacheez bhi to moon mein zaban rakhta hai:

Roz-e-mahshar, gar khuda mujhse pooche ke kya laye ho,
kahdoonga, hyderabadiz ka blog, sarparasti-e-saty laya hoon.

Saty said...

yeh rangeeN manaazir, yeh dilkash manaazir
kulaaTyaaN lagaaraiN na armaaN hamaare
idhar maiN bhi Ghap chup, udhar un bhi Ghap chup
magar phir bhi palkaaN po chamkaiN sitaare
--Sarwar 'DanDa'

What else can one say?
Wherever you are Hyderabadiz of the world do drop by and add the odd comment.
As you know we Hyderabadiz love discourse--at all levels...'mantaqaaN maaro' if nothing else.

Saty said...

I couldn't figure out how to edit this. therefore this post.
read the first line from Sarwar DanDa as
'yeh rangeeN manaazir, yeh dilkash nazaare'


Saty said...

Some of us went to the Chowmohalla Palace, or Khilwat Mubarak, in the Old City last evening to see the legendary doyen of Kathak Padmavibhushan Birju Maharaj perform. Negotiating the traffic was indeed more than worth the effort. The performance by Maharaj and his troupe (which included his very talented son and equally gifted daughter) enthralled a large audience in a setting which couldn't have been more perfect.
However, what is unforgivable is the brazen manner in which a sizable part of what used to be the palace has been 'grabbed' and 'plotted' by land sharks of the Old City. Right next to the entrance of the palace, staring us in the face, is a clumsy, ugly 'function-hall'...what do we have to say?
"yaaN aisich hota"

more later

Saty said...

Telangana is a near reality now. What happens to Hyderabad remains a big question. Some say it'll become the new T state's capital. Yet others feel it's going to be turned into a Union Territory and will be a Chandigarh of the South.
Either way, Hyderabadiz are here to stay.
For those tuned into the bureaucratic grapevine, M.A.Basith is going to be the new DGP.