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Thursday, May 17, 2007

The changing metropolis

That Hyderabad is not what it used to be, is something not worth repeating any more. Besides, isn't that true of every other city? But the pace at which change has overtaken the twin cities, is something no one, least of all our MCH and other civic bodies, had anticipated. A large, consumerist middle-class, and huge swathes of migrants seem to have sprouted from nowhere--thanks mainly to the IT sector. In turn, a related chain of service businesses burgeoned and boomed, making the city look like a happening city--you simply need to visit one of the many high-end malls or local pubs to see what I mean. But, scratch the surface and what do you find? A city that is fast losing the green cover it had, obsolete sewerage systems, municipal authorities who couldn't care less about roads, streets, parks or parking spaces, and who would merrily look the other way if you happen to be a builder or a contractor, regardless of what you are doing. Be it traffic management, civic problems, mass transport--things that are of basic importance in everyday life, Hyderabad is far from a happening place. Somebody needs to remind our city's denizens and authorities that ' a few MNCs do not a metropolis make', no matter what the real estate prices may say.

One recalls the tree planting campaign taken up by the MCH (in Mr. Narendra Luther's time) during the Emergency years in the mid-seventies, when it was widely being perceived that the city's rising temperatures could be ascribed to the widespread of denudation of trees. Those saplings had grown into sturdy trees only to be chopped down mercilessly by the same civic body, over the last few years. Who says we evolve with time?

1 comment:

Crescent said...

With changing times, city is changing at fast pace too. One thing that bothers me is felling of trees in the name of fly over, expanding area. Fine something in the way as a hurdle needs to be chopped. If religious places come in the way they are not spared, why trees.Even if chopped,can't the MCH plant a sapling near the vicinity?

Its high time HUDA changed their punchline.
Christening of streets, neck craning buildings all make hyd lose its sheen. Gone are the days of Pendherghast road, paradise,Ronald Rose ... which reminds one of British rule and some history behind it, the beautiful PadmaRao Nagar giving a picturesque and makes one nostalgic is all gone. Political parties all in the name of doing something good land up ruining the beautiful city.

Who will bell the cat anyways.