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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hyderabad mourns again!

Barely 3 months after the Mecca Masjid blast, the city has been rocked by serial blasts killing many more this time, in 2 crowded places--the Gokul Chaat Bhandar in Koti and Lumbini Park. Hyderabad mourns the dead and the injured yet again. Another black day. Another mindless act. Another trail of grief, destruction, loss, suspicion and blame.

See more details:
  • Hyderabad—time for accountability
  • 36 killed, 40 hurt as 2 blasts hit Hyderabad
  • Google News: image version

    Bottomline: Ishwar Allah Tere Jahan Mein Nafrat Kyoon Hai - 1947 Earth - [Azgar Khan]

    Ishwar Allah Tere Jahan Mein
    Nafrat Kyoon Hai, Jung Hai Kyoon
    Tera Dil To, Itna Bada Hai
    Insaan Ka Dil Tang Hai Kyoon

    Ishwar Allah, Tere Jahan Mein
    Nafrat Kyoon Hai, Jung Hai Kyoon
    Tera Dil To, Itna Bada Hai
    Insaan Ka Dil Tang Hai Kyoon

    Kadam Kadam Par Sarhad Kyoon Hai
    Saari Zameen Jo Teri Hai
    Suraj Ke Pherey Karti Hai
    Phir Kyoon Itni Andheri Hai
    Is Duniya Ke Daaman Par
    Insaan Ke Lahoo Ka Rang Hai Kyoon source: Ibibo

    Ishwar Allah Tere Jahan Mein
    Singer: Chorus - 1947 Earth
    Brought to you by: Azgar Khan

    Shabana Azmi's Voice: 250 years of the British empire ended in 1947, but whats there to show for it? except the country divided, the massacres and kidnappings, vendettas and more violence, was it all worth it?

    50 years have gone by since I betrayed my Aaya, some say she married Ice Candy Wala, some say they saw her in a brothel in Lahore, others that they saw her in Amritsar. But I never saw her again.

    That day 1947 when I lost Aaya, I lost a large part of myself.

  • 1 comment:

    Crescent said...

    very sad to learn that some unscrupulous elements are bent upon disturbing harmony and peace amongst people.

    Hope the Govt. takes substantial measures in mitigating such acts.