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Thursday, September 13, 2007

HyderaBAD to worse

Don't read this morning's newspapers--all of them of them are full of the woes of being a HyderaBADi. Bad traffic, bad planning, bad governance and of course, bad excuses to cover them up.
Moving on to other things, the month of Ramadan will begin on Friday and for a month all roads leading to Charminar will be buzzing with activity, teeming with shoppers, mosques and shops lit up all over the old city in particular, while movement of traffic on our streets will remain as chaotic as ever, or even get a trifle more crowded at times.
Saturday's Ganesh Chaturthi is another major festival that is round the corner.
All that Hyderabadiz now hope is that the two--the ten-day festivities of Ganesh Chaturthi leading up to the 'visarjan' or immersion, and the month of praying and fasting, end peacefully.
Yes, getting home will still be a problem--the bikes, cars, buses and autos will take forever to move, but c'est la vie, if you're talking about Hyderabad, especially!
Ramadan mubarak and happy Ganesh Chaturthi to Hyderabadiz.

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