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Monday, October 8, 2007

Vision of Hyderabad in The Technology Chronicles

A forwarded email (by Brothers Abdul Hai Patel and Malik Khan) brought to me the following text and visuals (Author unkown)!!!

Subject: Beautiful Hyderabad Pictures
Hello Everyone,
Just wanted to share these beautiful pictures of Hyderabad with all of you.

[NB. The following text that came with the pictures, is originally posted by VALLABHA in response to Alan Saracevic's article: Visions of India: Next stop Hyderabad]
Tell me how many people in INDIA know that Hyderabad has:

1) The IMAX Theatre with Worlds Largest screen and the only true 3D screen in INDIA

2) Asia 's biggest and one of the Worlds' biggest and best Convention centres 'HICC'

3) World's biggest Film Studio complex ' Ramoji Film City '

4) Country's best Animation and art work studios

5) Country's best and biggest Exhibition centre so far 'HITEX'

6) Country's biggest single real estate venture at the cost of US $2.2Billion by ICICI Ventures and Tishman of New York !

7) Hyderabad is leading in Hospital Tourism, now trying to lead also in Echo Tourism

8) Hyderabad is the best place to start any new retail business or Mall: This was from a study on how Malls are fuelling sales in India and the max amount of Sales happened in the Malls in Hyderabad despite the huge number of very big malls in Delhi and Mumbai.. Many biggest of the kind malls are being constructed here. You can also see, Reliance group, Tata's, Heritage group and many more venturing their first retail units starting from Hyderabad !

9) Hyderabad is the only place where complete restructuring is happening by even demolishing lot of buildings within the city! Delhi is the other only City, which followed this model.

10) In fact Infosys has planned its world's Largest Campus near to Shamshabad Airport in an area of 500acres of land! However its pending.. it may take of soon. Else some other campus would come up there.

11) Fab City would be the Ultimate answer for the Electronic and chip making industry from India !

12) How many know about ISB

13) IIT is being setup now in Hyderabad .

14) Birla has already setup Bits in Hyderabad

15) Country's largest number of Colleges for Engineering Medicines and largest number of Universities are in AP!

16) Just the colleges in and around Hyderabad produce much more Engineering graduates than any other city in INDIA !

17) Country's most expensive Residential Only venture has started in Hyderabad , with 250 villas where each Villa will be in 1 Acre of land and at the cost of Rs.14crores each! Why only in Hyderabad ? Because people are ready to buy and live there :-)

18) The most connected city in INDIA with highest Teledensity
.....and lot more like this!

Can you expect Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, The 2 Google Champions, CSC, GE and all these people pour huge investments and expand their campuses just based on Hype?
Hyderabad is now a tri-city: CYBERABAD-HYDERABAD-SECUNDERABAD!

You must be knowing the Fact: US has chosen Hyderabad over Bangalore for setting up its New Consulate and it is already in process! This is because there are more VISA applicants from AP hitting Chennai Consulate! For that matter, always the biggest number of Travellers to US is from AP

A visual treat ..… [info courtesy: The Great Hyderabad (Deccan - Telangana) - Andhraguyz Community]

Birla temple:

Budha statue at
Hussain Sagar:


Falaknuma palace:

Chowmahalla palace:

Khilwat: Palace

Purani haveli:

Mummy in Archeological Museum:

Ashur khana:

Durgam Cheruvu:

Golconda: Fort

High Court:

Himayat Sagar:

NTR Gardens:

Osmania Hospital:


Ramoji Film city:

Salarjung Museum: Museum

Shilpa Ramam:


And Finally the One and Only

Hyderabadi biryani:

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    Abdul Hai Patel said...

    It looks great. Thanks for posting.
    Abdul Hai Patel

    Anonymous said...

    Thank you very much for the amazing pictures and the interesting facts.
    Kind regards

    Anonymous said...

    Wonderful Post,
    Thanx for giving such a colourfull view of our clean and green city.

    Last but not the least our dish 'BIRYANI'!