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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Theme Song composed by A R Rahman @ Hyderabad International Airport

That's the latest ARR song that's been released - It's not from any movie/pop album... I'm in loue with this one track already - starting off with slow whispers, and then moving on to "aasmaan" at a high pitch, with wonderful string arrangements which is typical of ARR - he has created magic again!!! says A.M. Aravind @ Rahmaniac's Reflections

This theme song composed by maestro A R Rahman playing in the background, welcome the guests. Congress president Sonia Gandhi inaugurated India’s most modern Rajiv Gandhi International Airport at Hyderabad. Much more specialities of this Airport, AR Rahman Biography

Lyrics: Prasoon Joshi, Singer: Naresh Iyer, Composition: A.R.Rahman
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GMR Airport song lyrics
Aasmaan….ho zaraa raaste palat ke hum taiyaar hain
Baadalon karo zaraa dhoop ko azaad hum taiyaar hain
Dekho udd chalaKhwabon ka shahar
Lo hum aa gayeNeeli si dagar
Hawaaein chod doHum taiyaar hain
Dishaaein mod do mod do mod do... [Lyrics courtesy: N S murthy]

The plan to build the Airport, Posted by Pradeep Sadanapalli Youtube / News updates on the Airport


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