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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hyderabadi Website of the Month: Mahbubia Alumni Association

"Mahbubians always cherish and celebrate their Girls School in Hyderabad, for being one of the most renowned educational institutions of India. Mahbubia has played a dominant role in creating and nurturing a unique Hyderabadi Society that is distinguished all over the world for its cosmopolitan culture, generosity, openness, hospitality, and tolerance." Zehra Rahman Khan

Membership for this Alumni Association is open to all Mahbubians and also to anyone involved or interested in Girls Education, and is free.

To become a member, please send an email to: mahbubians@yahoo.com.

Our school really flourished in his son, His Exalted Highness Mir Osman Ali Khan, The Nizam VII 's patronage of Higher Education in Arts and Sciences. He had truly earned his title "Sultan-ul-Uloom" (Emperor of The Sciences) by establishing Osmania University where Urdu as the medium of instruction for all subjects was successfully employed for the first time.

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