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Sunday, June 6, 2010

State fixes uniform fee structure for post-graduate (PG) courses

June 6th, 2010, Deccan Chronicle

The state government fixed a uniform fee structure for all post-graduate (PG) courses in state-run universities on Saturday. Even though the universities are at liberty to charge more than the prescribed amount, the government will only reimburse the amount that has been fixed. If any university charges less than the prescribed amount, it will reimburse the lesser amount.

The fees for self-financing courses are as follows:

* MA (all languages and social sciences) courses: Rs 7,000 per annum.
* MSW and MHRM: Rs 15,000
* BLiSC, MLiSC, BCJ and MCJ: Rs 9,100
* M.Com and other commerce related PG programmes: Rs 8,620,
* M.Sc (maths, applied maths, statistics, geography): Rs 12,940
* M.Sc (botany, zoology, physics, computer science, electronics, geology, geophysics and others): Rs 21,970
* M.Sc (chemistry, biochemistry): Rs 26,780
* M.Sc (genetics, microbiology, biotech, bioinformatics, nano-science, nano-technology): Rs 37,470.
In addition, the fees for regular programmes such as the MA (all languages and social sciences) is fixed at Rs 2,600 per annum, and the fees for BLiSC, MLiSc, BCJ and MCJ is Rs 3,400. M.Com and other commerce related PG courses will cost Rs 2,900 and for M.Sc (all subjects) the fee is Rs 4,000. This does not include exam and refundable fees.

“The new fees structure will be the basis for reimbursment of fees by the government from the ensuing academic year,” said Prof. K.C. Reddy, chairman, AP State Council of Higher Education.

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