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Monday, February 27, 2012

Get ready: The Clock ticking is intended to remind us of our mortality -- Thought for the day

alkhadim nustaleeq

These tick simply are a countdown towards our next destination (aka End of Real Sound and it says Quick Quick--clock is announcing that each tick or passing second, decreased one more moment of life)

Ghafil tujhe Ghadial, ye deta hai munadi
Gardon ney ghadi umer ki, ek or ghata di

The above phrase can be heard in Rafi Saheb's "Kis ke liye ruka hai,kis ke liye rukega" MOVIE: EK SAAL (1957) -- see also Version Two

Kiske Liye Ruka Hai, Kiske Liye Rukega.
Karna Hai Jo Bhi Kar Le, Ye Waqt Jaa Raha Hai.
Pani Ka Bulbula Hai Insaan Ki Zindagani.
Dum Bhar Ka Ye Fasana Pal Bhar Ki Ye Kahani..
Har Saans Apne Saath Paigham Laa Raha Hai
Karna Hai Jo Bhi Kar Le, Ye Waqt Jaa Raha Hai.
Kiske Liye Ruka Hai.. -- complete lyrics, here or Lyrics here
किसके लिए रुका है किसके लिए रुकेगा करना है जो भी कर ले ये वक़्त जा रहा है ..........ये वक़्त जा रहा है पानी का बुलबुला है इन्सां की जिंदगानी दम भर का ये फ़साना पल भर की ये कहानी हर सांस साथ अपने पैगाम ला रहा है ....... करना है जो भी कर ले ये वक़्त जा रहा है ..... ये वक़्त जा रहा है .....ये वक़्त जा रहा है ..... ओशो पैगम्बर -- courtesy: Rafiology

For whom has it stopped, For whom will it stop.
Do what is required of you, This TIME is passing away
It is like a water bubble..This human life
A story of a single breath.A story of single moment..
Each breath is bringing the Divine message..
Do what is required of you, this TIME is passing away
For whom will it stop.. More details of the movie, audio and video -This song apparently get played no less than three times in the movie- @Atul's bollywood song a day

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