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Thursday, August 1, 2013

TELANGANA ZINDABAD: The past and the future of the India's 29th state -- Media monitoring

Post updated Aug 21, 2013

  • Quo Vadis, Hyderabad? Whatever happens, the Dakhni in their souls will unite the people of this city, by BAKHTIAR K. DADABHOY Outlook India
  • Analysis: Decoding India's Telangana Conundrum, By Mayurika Reddy / Hyderabad, |INDIA NEWS NETWORK
  • Mohammed Ayub Ali Khan, The meaning and evolution of the word Telangana
    The meaning and origin of the word ‘Telangana’ is subjected to much scholarly dispute. However, there is near consensus that the term (Telangana) was first used by Muslim chronicles of late 14th century. We find the particular use of the term only after the emergence of the powerful prime minister Khan-e-Jahan Malik Maqbul Telangani. Earlier, we find the use of several variations of the term. As Prof. Raychaudhuri writes. “Students are apt to be bewildered not only by the use of alternative names Adnhras and Trilinga but also by the numerous variants of the expressions Trilinga itself.”
  • Truth vs Hype: Telangana Inc. - The Battle for Hyderabad NDTV
    The battle for Telangana has become a battle for Hyderabad. Those demanding a separate state say they want to end the dominance of the contractor - politicians from the rest of Andhra Pradesh who have made crores from India's cyber city, and control the politics of the state.
    But given the high stakes involved, there is concern that leaders of the new Telangana are less worried about social justice to a deprived region, and more with getting their share of boomtown Hyderabad.
    "The 65-year-old dream has finally become a reality and Telangana is all set to be 29th state of India. The ruling Congress reluctantly agrees to create a new state of Telangana by dividing India's 4th largest state Andhra Pradesh. After years of uncertainty and political maneuvering, Telangana is just a few steps closer to reality." CNN-IBN Jul 30, 2013

  • Changing states: An animated political map of the Republic of India, Soumyadip Choudhury, IBNLive.com
  • Hyderabad joint capital as AP to be split into Telangana, Seemandhra Pallavi, Preeti Singh, CNN-IBN
  • Telangana: The past and the future, D P Satish, CNN-IBN
  • Telangana: Protests over new state in southern India, BBC
  • Telangana effect: 5 new States that may come into being, NitiCentral
  • Another film on Telangana - Bollywood Movie News - IndiaGlitz.com - M Sreedhar is directing and producing a film titled ' Telangana Zindabad'
  • Anantpur burns as Telangana granted statehood - Tv9 (tv9telugu) - YouTube
  • Muslim politicians of AP welcome Telangana but with skepticism, TwoCircles.net
  • MIM will work for minorities in AP and Telangana: Asaduddin Owaisi, Deccan Chronicle
  • Telangana Decision And After – Analysis, Eurasia Review
  • In Telangana Decision, a Microcosm of India's Geopolitical Challenge | Stratfor
  • Telangani's Tomb in Nizamuddin Basti is India's first octagonal Tomb. Sadly, it is badly encroached #ForbiddenHeritage pic.twitter.com/SwqdoGCa
  • "Khan Jahan Telangani" @ Sacred seven The Hindu -- How come the people of Telingana forgot one of the regions prominent sons Khan-e-Jahan Telangani (formerly known as Yugandhar and a minister of Prataparudra), Mohammed Ayub Ali Khan.


    Anonymous said...

    "India: the Most Dangerous Decades".

    When I first studied the initial Andhra in Grad School, I recall that Selig Harrison foresaw what he called India's "fissiparous" tendencies.

    I guess it remains to be seen who gets Hyderabad City.
    Prof. John Hurd

    Anonymous said...

    I am not sure what's happening is for good, especially telengana where there is no development, barren land with naxalite problems, what makes them think they could be independent.

    Sujatha Thadakamalla

    Prasad Np said...

    You have a great site on Hyderabad. Loved reading some of your posts on the socio/economic and political dynamics of Hyderabad...

    hvsrcs786 said...

    in separate telangana new state how many political leaders will act like the aam admi party leadership spirit to serve the people from coming future fine mornings has to be assessed now with their performance public voted to power in next general elections to finalise the political portfolio chairs in state assembly.wait n see ??