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Monday, November 11, 2013

Dear Hyderabadi mian, this is for you: Why a (Hyderabadi) man’s place is in the kitchen (chulley meinch hi)

Why a man’s place is in the kitchen

Cooking is a metaphor for the gender divide that gives the Indian male primacy at home, Livemint
“Men really have very big egos sir, how to get them (sic) to cook or help at home?”
... But, sometimes, I scratch my head when I have conversations of the type I had in Hyderabad, a heaving city where the middle and upper classes are notorious for the size of the dowries they demand for their sons and the domestic expectations they make of their daughters-in-law....
... My argument is—as it always has been—that at the heart of this disgrace is the belief instilled in the Indian male from childhood that he has no place in the kitchen, that he is the provider and must be cooked for and looked after. Continue reading.

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