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Monday, December 16, 2013

Gulf jobs prove death for expats, hailing from south India, especially Kerala and Andhra Pradesh

Gulf jobs prove death for migrants, Times of India-by Bushra Baseerat

HYDERABAD: Dream jobs in the Gulf countries are turning into nightmares for thousands of Indian expatriates. In an alarming scenario, two Indians commit suicide every week on an average in the gulf region. Moreover, several others are dying at a young age due to heart attacks or other ailments. With a chunk of these migrants hailing from south India, especially Kerala and Andhra Pradesh, experts say it is high time the government intervenes and determines the cause of these telling statistics. continue reading Times of India
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  • “Every day I read in the newspapers articles spewing hatred with unrestrained venom. Illegals/Expats: A threat to national security’’, ‘’Expatriate remittances costing Kingdom billions’’, ‘’Expatriates taking jobs away from Saudi workforce" are just some of the many popular lines that I find in the print media that make expatriates look like a disease when you know that this an absolute falsehood. How are we a threat to national security when we aren’t even recognized as one of Saudi’s own? continue reading saudigazette.com.sa

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