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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Catch the City Happenings - Sunrise and Sunset at Hyderabad

This is about a day in Hyderabad.

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katy said...


One of my passions has been to photograph architecture. I have been doing it since college. I love old buildings and love to shoot in Chicago. The gothic revival and Roman influence is breath taking. I will share some photos with you soon. Could you please get me a large photo of the Mosque you shot?It really is a dream of mine to photograph the places that you do. I like angles, a view that your eye catches for an instant and it crosses your mind that it was inspireing but it is gone from your sight as quickly as it came. I believe you shot some arch ways that caught the light in such a way that was awe inspiring. Keep them comming .For the time being I can live vicariouly through you.