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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The blogroll keeps rocking....

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Thanks to friends and associates, the blogroll here has been a big hit. So a Hyderabadi blog hook-up wasn't a bad idea after all--gauging from the success it has been.
Meanwhile, Hyderabad has been rocking on the cultural front too and cultural events here, are attracting impressive crowds.
The art historian and curator, Rasna Bhushan plans to turn a large old 1950s house into a venue for many such events including film screenings.
A group of culture activists have got together to form 'Rangtarang' , a non-profit cultural organization that intends to raise funds for NGOs by organizing events such as music concerts, plays, talks, art exhibitions, mushairas, kavi sammelans and dance recitals, among other things. The moving spirit behind Rangtarang is Mahavir Golechha, the Managing Director of Ivy League Academy--a well-known residential school here, and the others are Amit Bararia, Dr. Fakhre Alam Azmi, Nawab Obaidur Rehman and Chitra Daanger, among others.
Good for Hyderabad--keep rocking!

PS. Hyderabad ranks among the top Bloggers in India, Source: BLOGGING in India (A WATConsult Research)

Monday, March 19, 2007

Happy Ugadi--Bloggers' Carnival takes off

Ugadi Greetings to all our bloggers....may the Ugadi 'pachhadi' symbolize loads of sweet happenings in your lives, and may the faint traces of bitterness be nothing more than gentle reminders of the infinite variety of life.
While thanking all our Hyderabadi mates who have come on board and allowed us to post the links to their blogs here, the hyderabadiz team wants all our other cybermates from Hyderabad to join the party.
This is a one-stop rendezvous for all hyderabadiz, no matter what they do in the blogosphere. The more the merrier.....
Let's welcome the Telugu New Year on this note of togetherness......

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  • Friday, March 16, 2007

    Ugadi Greetings to all Hyderabadiz...welcome aboard

    Bloggers of Hyderbad unite!
    Here's the blogging carnival of carnivals. Ugadi marks the Telugu New Year and is therefore, a good time to make a beginning or turn a new leaf, if you will.To be honest, we are no Hyderabadi Vikings--in other words, Hyderabadi bloggers have been very active long before we got here. This is a time to doff our hat to all of them. All ye who have put Hyderabad on the web, blogged away and continue to do so--take a bow!
    We, the all-inclusive team of Hyderabadiz, thank all our fellow-bloggers, who have generously provided a link to our site in their blogs.Thanks to their generosity, traffic to our blog has risen considerably--check the sitemeter our for results! If we could bring scores of like-minded friends on board, it's because of their enthusiasm for anything Hyderabadi, which translates into anything for Hyderabad.
    Come Ugadi, and we'll launch Hyderabad's Carnival of Blogging Carnivals. The countdown has begun....ten, nine, eight........

    Team of Hyderabadiz

    [NB. The Panchangam is calculated using Ugadi or the Spring season as the first month; "Spring is just around the corner!!!" quote & image courtesy]