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Monday, November 9, 2009

BASICALLY HYDERABADI @ The ICONART Gallery by Syed Rayees Ahmed

Essence of Hyderabad
November 9th, 2009 Deccan Chronicle

Essence of Hyderabad
"Basically Hyderabadi at first glance, is a trip down memory lane for most of us who have lived in the city. The scenes and profiles are bound to evoke images of experiences that one has had in Hyderabad."

"Quintessentially Hyderabadi, the paintings depict the leisurely pace of the old city, of women clad in burkhas strolling in an unhurried manner through bazaars, a group of bearded men clustered together and a charcoal sketch of an old fakir with a flowing beard."

"The artist, Syed Rayees Ahmed, has resorted to the cubis style, the provenance of renowned artist Pablo Picasso, for his paintings. Crisp geometric lines with bright colours bring out the colourful attire of the Hyderabadis beautifully. In sharp contrast to the gaiety in their attire, their expressions remain somber and unassuming, born of a simple and unquestioning faith in their way of life. This is a style that has been inspired by famous artist, Laxma Goud, whose artwork has similar flashes of colourful raiment in marked contrast with charcoal-grey poker-faced expressions."

... In short, the collection makes for an interesting viewing. Basically Hyderabadi — Chronicles of Old City is on view at the Iconart Gallery till November 20.

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