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Saturday, November 30, 2013



A. G. Noorani


  • Overview
The fascinating story of the fall of the Indian princely state of Hyderabad has till now been dominated by the ‘court historians’ of Indian nationalism. In this book A. G. Noorani offers a revisionist account of the Indian Army’s ‘police action’ against the armed forces and government of Hyderabad, ruled by the fabulously wealthy Nizam. His forensic scrutiny of the diplomatic exchanges between the Govt of India and the Govt of Hyderabad during the Raj and after Partition and Independence in 1947 has unearthed the Sunderlal Committee report on the massacre of the Muslim population of the State during and after the ‘police action’ (knowledge of which has since been suppressed by the Indian state) and a wealth of memoirs and first-hand accounts of the clandestine workings of territorial nationalism in its bleakest and most shameful hour. He brings to light the largely ignored and fateful intervention of M. A. Jinnah in the destruction of Hyderabad and also accounts for the communal leanings of Patel and K. M. Munshi in shaping its fate. The book is dedicated to the ‘other’ Hyderabad: a culturally syncretic state that was erased in the stampede to create a united India committed to secularism and development
Hyderabad, Kashmir victims of Partition ‘transaction’:
‘Jinnah opposed Mountbatten’s plebiscite offer on princely JK’


Hyderabad, Nov 29: Drawing a parallel between Kashmir and Hyderabad, noted author and political commentator AG Noorani Friday said the two were part of the same ‘transaction’ of the partition of India in 1947.
“Both these states were the victims of ill decisions taken by the powers at that time,” he said, speaking at the launch of his book titled “The Destruction of Hyderabad.” It is part of a series of his books on the partition. His two-volume “Kashmir Dispute” was released earlier this year in Srinagar. continue reading GK NEWS NETWORK

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