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Welcome: This blog is about Hyderabad culture, land and people, "with a whole spectrum of experiences of Khatta (sour), Meetha (sweet), Pheeka (unsalted), Teekha (off), Khara (spicy), Kadva (bitter) brim with caring and lots of loving." as phrased by Mike Ghouse, a hyderabadi damad.

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Monday, August 4, 2014

Hyderabadi Website of the month: U.S. Consulate General Hyderabad, India


1. Ease of access

  • Pros: Quick load of graphics
  • Cons: None.
2. Content
  • Pros: Accurate. Sufficiently covered
  • Cons: Needs a better site navigation
3. Currency
  • Pros: News section is fairly recent
  • Cons: All sections/pages need a date (to show last updated)
4. Design 
  • Pros: Over all OK
  • Cons: Needs reducing clutter like look-and-feel

5. Navigation
  • Pros: Overall easy
  • Cons: Confuses the first time visitor

6. Miscellaneous
7. Overview : 3 star- The website is okay. Needs some major changes.

8. User comments at Facebook:

(FB comment officially last updated : July 7, 2010
  • Kris Kishan Top Ten Web Picks : One of the best and must must visit
  • Rampras Vm yes!! have been observing for past a week!! Just one small mis-link., the 'back' is not working when we check the 221g status.,
    except that its wonderful!!
    it leads to page cannot be displayed:
    ...See More
  • Bhaskar Teegela Having its location in Hyderbad, among the Telugu community, may be the website can contain details on Telugu emigration - like in form of an article or something to give where Telugus migrate, statistics etc.
  • Kaali Sudheer it can be improved .... photos size is too large and irrelevant to Hyderabad and it should be more city specific ...foot ball and American Entertainment are non issues on the website...
  • Magbool Shareef In Visas to the U.S. > Apply for a Visa , if we click on Photograph (in line 1) or passport size photograph in the checklist it is redirecting to the travel.state website where the page is moved to other location. Kindly fix it.

    Also in the checklist it is mentioned as "passport size photograph". In India passport size means 35mm X 45mm where US specification is 50mm X 50mm. It is contradictory

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