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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The blogroll keeps rocking....

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Thanks to friends and associates, the blogroll here has been a big hit. So a Hyderabadi blog hook-up wasn't a bad idea after all--gauging from the success it has been.
Meanwhile, Hyderabad has been rocking on the cultural front too and cultural events here, are attracting impressive crowds.
The art historian and curator, Rasna Bhushan plans to turn a large old 1950s house into a venue for many such events including film screenings.
A group of culture activists have got together to form 'Rangtarang' , a non-profit cultural organization that intends to raise funds for NGOs by organizing events such as music concerts, plays, talks, art exhibitions, mushairas, kavi sammelans and dance recitals, among other things. The moving spirit behind Rangtarang is Mahavir Golechha, the Managing Director of Ivy League Academy--a well-known residential school here, and the others are Amit Bararia, Dr. Fakhre Alam Azmi, Nawab Obaidur Rehman and Chitra Daanger, among others.
Good for Hyderabad--keep rocking!

PS. Hyderabad ranks among the top Bloggers in India, Source: BLOGGING in India (A WATConsult Research)


Tweety said...

Hey Hyderabadiz, great blog. Keep up the great work!
Always proud to be a hyderabadi :)

Aymen Mohammed said...

how do i get to be a member email me at aymen.mohd@gmail.com

DufusMaximus said...

So what exactly is the blogroll about? You put up all the images on a flickr site, is that it?

One suggestion - why don't we have a scrolling list of the sites in a small blogger widget and have everyone add those links to their blog? That way, we'll form some kind of a page ring.

DufusMaximus said...

Yeah, a marquee is fine. If we can just come up with a scrolling list of hyperlinks and put that up somewhere and give everyone a link to that to put in their sidebar (load the list in an iframe, say), I think it'll be nice. I'll try to make something that looks good on most blogs.