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Monday, March 19, 2007

Happy Ugadi--Bloggers' Carnival takes off

Ugadi Greetings to all our bloggers....may the Ugadi 'pachhadi' symbolize loads of sweet happenings in your lives, and may the faint traces of bitterness be nothing more than gentle reminders of the infinite variety of life.
While thanking all our Hyderabadi mates who have come on board and allowed us to post the links to their blogs here, the hyderabadiz team wants all our other cybermates from Hyderabad to join the party.
This is a one-stop rendezvous for all hyderabadiz, no matter what they do in the blogosphere. The more the merrier.....
Let's welcome the Telugu New Year on this note of togetherness......

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    swapna said...

    Hi hyderabadiz
    happy ugadi to all of u...

    Crescent said...

    Sorry for the late wishes.

    Happy Ugadi.Hope you have had great time.
    That was a good snap.Things are bad here :(

    cheerz n greetz